13/12 UPDATE: Please refer to the FAQ we have added below!! We trust this answers most of your questions.

We've also added a "BENEFITS" corner to describe some extra perks to making a donation. We hope this helps influence your choices!

In the leadup to A-MUSE FES and the multitude of exciting projects we have to follow, we have decided to hold a fundraising stream!!



DATE: Saturday 14th December 2019

TIME: 12PM-2PM GMT+10*



Lolly, Rinya, Kate, Aleks, Luvkii


For this fundraising livestream, the members of A-MUSE will be dancing to songs on request by donation! However, this is no ordinary request stream… During this stream, we will;

  • Armour up all members with sufficient protection/bubble wrap/etc;**

  • Lubricate a tarp (with a mix of lubricant/soap/water);

  • Perform requested songs on the heavily lubricated tarp!!


For some, this may remind you of a certain video… The opportunity to watch us (literally) fall over each other and make a fool of ourselves for your viewing pleasure is an extremely rare opportunity, so make sure you don’t miss out! Even if you can’t donate, it’s sure to be an interesting stream, so please at least drop in, comment and share the stream with others!



Songs are sorted into five categories, depending on level of difficulty to execute on the lubricated tarp;



World Is Mine – supercell ft. Hatsune Miku
Love me! Pop Team Epic – Various
Hare Hare Yukai – SOS Brigade
Family name – ZOC
Datte Datte Aa Mujou – Mu’s

CATEGORY 2 - $10

Trancing Pulse – Triad Primus
Snow halation – Mu’s
Mogyutto “love!” de Sekkin Chuu – Mu’s
Magnet – Minato-P ft. Hatsune Miku + Megurine Luka
Ikenai Borderline – Walkure
Goshuu! – CY8ER
Cutie Panther – BiBi
Aozora no Rhapsody – fhana

CATEGORY 3 - $25
Nerve – BiS
Hakuchuumu – CY8ER
DECORATOR – kz (livetune) ft. Hatsune Miku
Kyoukiranbu – GARNiDELiA
Wonderful Rush – Mu’s
Taisho wo Idake! Galbi Ambitious – Wa-suta
Electric Angel -- Yasuo ft. Kagamine Rin + Len
Little Scarlet Bad Girl -- Hachioji-P ft. Hatsune Miku

CATEGORY 4 - $50

Realize! – iRis
Kimagure Mercy – Hachioji-P ft. Hatsune Miku
Drop Pop Candy – Giga-P ft. Kagamine Rin + Megurine Luka
BRING IT ON – Giga-P ft. Kagamine Rin + Len
7 Girls War – Wake Up, Girls!
Kokuhaku Warp – CY8ER
Remix Start – CY8ER

CATEGORY 5 - $100

Oidemase! -Gokuraku- – FESTIVE
My landscape – BiSH
Luka Luka Night Fever – samfree ft. Megurine Luka
Plastic 2 Mercy – GANG PARADE

We cannot guarantee the quality of any requests performed on the tarp due to the conditions. Additionally, some dances may be missing members (e.g. where Pengi is not present). Requests for other songs not present on the menu may be possible, but pricing will be at the group’s discretion.



Donations prior to the stream AND during the stream can be submitted to;


Please note your song request and nickname in the comments – if there is no request stated and we cannot identify you we will perform a random song in the price bracket instead.


The nicknames of all donors will be included on a "THANK YOU" framed monument that will be on display at A-MUSE FES. We want everyone to be aware of your contributions!!

ADDITIONALLY; if the number of donations exceeds $750, ALL donors will receive a signed wide cheki of the members with the "THANK YOU" monument. (Wide cheki are double the size of standard cheki!) This is a big goal, but we hope it can be a precious memento for everyone involved!


Q. I can't make it for the stream. Can I watch it later?​

A. YES! We will be saving the stream as a VOD so you can watch it later.

Q. Can I donate and request a song prior to the stream?

A. Absolutely! Just follow the payment process above and we'll pop it into our priority queue -- any pre-requested songs will be performed first.

Q. Can I share a request with other people?

A. You sure can! We highly encourage teaming up with friends to request high-value songs if you want them. However, please send it as one payment ONLY and note the name of all contributors in the comment.

Q. What happens in the case of rain?

A. It has been pretty rainy lately.... but we're not quitters so we will keep streaming in the rain. We will only stop for thunder! Or broken bones.

Q. What happens if you actually break a bone?

A. To be honest we haven't thought this one out very well but we're hoping people are kind enough to us that this won't happen. It'll be a bit awkward if it does so we hope not.

Q. Can I request a song to be performed at a certain time?

A. We can't guarantee it as this depends on the length of our priority queue, but will do our best to accommodate.

Q. Can I request songs not on the list?

A. Yes, but please refrain from making such requests until the time of the stream. Pricing and the decision to carry out these requests are at the discretion of members.


Thank you for reading this far and we hope to see you at the stream on Saturday – for those of you who live far away this is a great opportunity to show your support and have some fun with us, so let’s make it a super successful one!


*Depending on viewer count and queue length, the stream may be extended till 3PM GMT+10.

** This is one of A-MUSE’s worst ideas yet given the leadup to such an important event, but we will make sure to protect ourselves properly to prevent injury!!