hello everyone! it's me, lolly! ヽ(・∀・)ノ

i thought i'd write an entry in the blog myself to kick things off..... we thought it might be nice to have writeups on our activities every now and then! so we'll see how we go with that.

for those who don't know me, a quick profile.... i'm the purple member of a-muse and also the leader and founder (i started a-muse in late 2014!)

my interests involve... the colour purple, rabbits, cinnamoroll, idols, R&B/rap, travelling and fashion. my biggest struggle in recent times is balancing my thirst for idol activities with my thirst for travelling.... forgetting that i have university and work, too. LOL

it's me ヽ(・∀・)ノ

not everyone may know this, but i'm actually the last active original member after kelly and celeste halted activities recently. it's a weird feeling approaching the 5 year mark and realising that...! in my time i've seen many members come and go.

i think, in a scenario like that, it can be very easy to make assumptions about why that's the case. but at our core, no matter how much we pursue our interests, i've always liked to think a core value of A-MUSE as a group is the strength of our bonds and our ability to work together to overcome things. sometimes we have to push through to get things done, but life always comes first. it's why, despite moving through members, or with members having to lessen responsibilities because of school or their careers, we've been able to last this long.

not even last; but flourish, i think! it's really amazing to see how much my fellow members want to keep working hard and do better every single time. it always inspires me, and i try to make that show, so i hope our efforts can inspire you too. with the debut of pulsar and our one-man lives, with our full shift into J-pop and singing, with the creation of merchandise, with the launch of our patreon and even the launch of this website...

...and many more exciting things we have yet to announce...

we'll keep trying hard every day, and hope to give you a performance you can enjoy! and if you enjoy it, we hope you'll tell your friends about it, share our content with them, and maybe bring them to one of our performances sometime, too.