A-MUSE 5th Anniversary Festival 🥳🎉

“are you really gonna post about a-muse fes almost six months later?” ...yes. better late than never?

i’ve tried to pick up this entry to write a few times since a-muse fes, but still hadn’t completed it yet because I felt like there was a lot to say about this event. with that it was a little difficult to organise my thoughts, as well. so even though it’s extremely, extremely late.... here it is!

i suppose let's start from the very beginning, then.


the idea for amuse fes came as we contemplated celebrating the group’s fifth year in some way. five years... is no insignificant amount of time to begin with, and as a group we’ve been through a lot and made so many memories. it was a milestone worth celebrating. for me, too, i realised that at the time i’d been in and operating a-muse for a quarter of my life. it’s crazy when I think about it that way.

although we knew we wanted to have a weekend long event, we hadn’t thought too hard about what exactly it would entail straight away. we knew that we wanted the acts involved to be centered around a-muse and its history and legacy, and a celebration of our achievements over the years.

despite not knowing the details, as soon as the vague idea had formed itself, and we’d found agreeable dates, and committed to “this is something we want to do” — the announcement was made. announcing it felt a little scary and most certainly ambitious, and it was met with a very warm reception. (thank you....!)