Breaking our silence

Long time no entry...!

Doesn’t this blog title sound so dramatic? We haven’t updated in a while so I thought the allusion was a bit of a laff. The content of this post isn’t really so serious though. Unless maybe it is?

I know at least one of us wanted to update the blog a little sooner, but the last few months have been such a flurry that it’s been easy for it to slip the mind...!

For me, it’s definitely something that’s been on my mind as of late, but I thought, “I think I need a lot of time to write...” and I ended up putting it off. But I can’t sleep! So it’s better late than never. (I feel like “better late than never” is the slogan of any blog post I make 😭)

First of all, the fun stuff. We’ve been working our butts off this year (which I’ll get to!) but lately we’ve been trying to take some time to reward ourselves for the time we’ve been putting in. I think A-MUSE’s greatest strength (I also say this a lot, don’t I) is that all the members are so passionate about the group, but because of it, we spend so much of our time working on the group activities that we rarely spend time together without discussion or action on group matters...

Last week, we all decided to go on a fun day to WhiteWater World to celebrate our recent efforts 💜

We took some time for photos at the beginning of the day, but mostly just ended up in us feeling a mild sense of embarrassment at the spectacle. “I guess this is what it’s like being an idol, huh...” That kind of feeling, lol!

Taking pics o