Breaking our silence

Long time no entry...!

Doesn’t this blog title sound so dramatic? We haven’t updated in a while so I thought the allusion was a bit of a laff. The content of this post isn’t really so serious though. Unless maybe it is?

I know at least one of us wanted to update the blog a little sooner, but the last few months have been such a flurry that it’s been easy for it to slip the mind...!

For me, it’s definitely something that’s been on my mind as of late, but I thought, “I think I need a lot of time to write...” and I ended up putting it off. But I can’t sleep! So it’s better late than never. (I feel like “better late than never” is the slogan of any blog post I make 😭)

First of all, the fun stuff. We’ve been working our butts off this year (which I’ll get to!) but lately we’ve been trying to take some time to reward ourselves for the time we’ve been putting in. I think A-MUSE’s greatest strength (I also say this a lot, don’t I) is that all the members are so passionate about the group, but because of it, we spend so much of our time working on the group activities that we rarely spend time together without discussion or action on group matters...

Last week, we all decided to go on a fun day to WhiteWater World to celebrate our recent efforts 💜

We took some time for photos at the beginning of the day, but mostly just ended up in us feeling a mild sense of embarrassment at the spectacle. “I guess this is what it’s like being an idol, huh...” That kind of feeling, lol!

Taking pics of your ice creams with the homies, all you can think is, “it doesn’t get much better than this”.

The park wasn’t too busy so we had a really fun day going on rides together, eating lunch together, and eating ice cream together! Though, it did get a little chilly at the end of the day and we all started hobbling around the park wrapped in towels like little grandmas.

(We took some funny ride photos, too. I’ll post them on Patreon shortly...!)

I made egg sandwiches, PULSAR went on a ride together and screamed so loudly that it shocked everyone in the line (apparently) and in general we all screamed... way too much, because we had another recording session the next day.

But it was fun!! It’s a day that I’ll treasure within my memory 😌

I usually don’t have the free time to hang out very much, but lately I’ve been able to see the members a lot between rehearsals, shows, signing + mailing sessions, recordings, and fun days out like this.

I went shopping with Rinya and Luvkii this last week too, in an unusually relaxed outing for me. It was a day that mostly consisted of looping Daiso for useless items and drinking tea 8738272827228 times.

I bought a shaved ice and immediately realised after two bites I couldn’t finish it. Thankfully Rinya is a human garbage disposal and ate 90% of it for me.

Aren’t they pretty?

But what are the events leading up to us being fun havers? What’s up with that, huh 🤔

The last time we wrote on this blog, the Kate Birthday Live had passed. Since then... we’ve had the Aleks Birthday Live, the Rinya Birthday Live and the Pengi Birthday + Halloween Live events, with plenty peppered in between. Of course, all these events are fun and exciting, but as I’m sure some of you may already know...

At the Pengi live that took place a couple of weeks ago, we announced and performed the release of our original music 😌

At the A-MUSE 5th Anniversary Fes, we announced/promised that we would release original music by the end of 2020. Honestly, it’s one of those extremely ambitious goals we announced without an extremely solid plan of how it was going to happen... I think we felt a lot of anxiety about proceeding with it initially and doubts about whether we could even complete the task within the year. At that point singing during shows was still a relatively new phenomenon for us... so singing something of our own that was an original and not a cover was something that was really going to showcase our vulnerability. I will say that on several occasions, it seemed too far out of reach.

Even so... we’re a determined group of girls. And I can’t claim to speak perfectly on the others’ behalf, but I’m sure they would mirror me in saying that I like to keep our promises.

Ah... there’s so much I want to say about it all! Because it’s not just about the act of singing in itself. There’s so many things that go into the creation of music that I had no idea about until we started working on it. So many elements that I’d thought about, but never considered too deeply until I was directly confronted by them. For now, I don’t think I can go into all the details... it seems more sensible to pour our heart out over the details of the music once it’s completely released and out in the public for everyone to enjoy.

What I will say is that this instrumental has sat with us for quite some time now. When the seed of “let’s make music” entered my head, I spent a lot of time just aimlessly milling the internet and listening to producers’ work, thinking about what we wanted...

Because of that, I stumbled across Sora‘s work by almost total coincidence (our to-be music producer). Reaching out was terrifying, proposing something that seemed absurd at the time and entering into something we had absolutely no clue about... but I think he’s incredibly talented, and I’m so happy we can introduce his work to others. By the way — he’s also the producer behind our overture track that we’ve been utilizing in performances since earlier this year!

He ended up giving us the track that was to be “Reverie” probably close to a year ago now. And off the bat, we had practically no revision to offer... it’s a wonderful track, and as soon as I heard it I felt it carried a sense of 切ない to it. The feeling of a warm summer night under the stars, surrounded by those most precious to you, wishing that moment could last forever whilst also realising the impermanence of now.

Why can’t these simple reveries last forever... that is the message of the song. It’s the feeling of times like now, when I’m awake at 3.30am contemplating everything we’ve done and cherishing the memories I have.

Of course, as we’re releasing a Japanese language version alongside it, the lyrics to the Japanese version will take on a new meaning and rhythm of their own. I can’t wait to hear people’s impressions on this version too ☺️

No singular piece of music will ever please everyone, but I’m very touched by the positive reception it has received thus far; making music is so inherently personal with so much effort involved, so I’m very grateful that people have enjoyed what they’ve heard. In general, this music would not have happened without everyone’s support... our fans have created such a warm environment both online and in person where we can come forth and express our vulnerability. And, though this may be a more shallow level, the truth is that sufficient funding equals quality... our Patreon, live show attendance, cheki sales, stream proceeds and more have grown at a rate that was so unexpected to us. And yet, because of it we can continue holding shows, strengthening our skills in lessons, and put our resources towards ensuring the production of the music can be as good as we can make it.

It’s hard not to go into too much detail, but all of these things, moral or monetary, are equally important.

So this is what has been keeping us busy the last few months; I apologise for our being so quiet! But we’re reaching the light at the end of the tunnel on our first single’s release, and I’m so happy that people are coming along for the ride.

Our next show is on December 5th, for Luvkii’s birthday; at this live the full details on the song’s release will be known. I can’t wait. None of us can wait. Do you know how hard it is to sit on your hands about exciting things for so long?!?!

All will be revealed in due time, and with it, I can’t wait to talk about the song more. It’s easy to get carried away and want to write another 20 minute blog post, but this time, I’ll wait things out till the release’s completion before launching into further essays!

It’s quickly approaching 4am, and the members will scold me for being up so late as it is, so I’ll cut myself off here and go to bed.

My final comment for the night — in all the terrible things happening in the world at the moment, I think it’s easy to feel down no matter how well things are going (or not). It’s generally a very tough time for everyone right now. But, being able to work so hard for something and being able to share that with five other like-minded and passionate girls that I love and care about.... thinking about the times that we work and the times that we have fun together brings me small pieces of happiness. It’s why I write this post today/tonight/this morning. The memories we’ve been able to make with the various staff and helpers this year and my gratitude for the part they play in this crazy machine is something that would be remiss not to treasure, too.

And, of course, those of you who support us as fans. A-MUSE is the journey of six ambitious girls and the friends they make along the way, but it’s a journey that couldn’t be realised without people there to witness and nurture it.

We do what we do for us, but we do it for you, too. I hope we can return that encouragement by doing more and more!

2020 isn’t over yet, so we’ll continue to do our best through the rest of the year and even into 2021 as we start piercing together plans for the new year. Please continue to watch over us, and please look forward to the details of Reverie’s release at our upcoming live!

There’s still more surprises to look forward to before the year’s up.

We’ll be waiting for you!

With lots of love 💜