Sick Lads in Syd. Mad Lads in Melbs.

G’day Cobbas! It’s Luvkii!

On behalf of all the girls, thank you so much for your support over the past couple of weeks! It’s been a whirlwind of a time travelling around Australia with the team. Though it’s nice to get our feet back on the ground, we had so many fun times interstate that it’s almost a shame that the party had to end.

We started September off in Melbourne for Madman Anime Festival. On Day 1 the Pulsar girls rocked the AnimeLab Arena; it’s such a wild time being in the pit for their shows. Even the security staff were blown away by the amount of cheering and wild dancing from the audience, giving us amused looks as we aggressively conga’d back and forth for Kokuhaku Warp. And later in the afternoon we had our Vocaloid setlist! I was so giddy with excitement for months for this show. My interest in anime and jpop began with Miku back in middle school. If I'd told 13 year old me that she wouldn’t be dancing alone in her bedroom to World Is Mine forever, she’d have a heart attack.

It meant so much to me that the A-muse girls stepped out of their comfort zone to support me. They all worked so hard to turn this childhood fantasy into a reality, and I want to work just as hard to make their weeb dreams come true. I felt very much loved by everyone, and I think I will always look back on that moment as one of my best ones with A-muse so far. And we couldn’t have asked for a better Miku than our own Princess Kate! She was so captivating to watch as our lead girl and I would happily be her E-girl chair again and again. 😌😌😌

Day 2 we got absolutely maggot with the debut of our new member! Aleks started with a bang, bringing so many smiles and happy energy to her first of many more incredible shows. She looked so nervous standing next to me at the stairs before we stepped out on stage, but as soon as she was under the lights she wore the bravest smile. I felt so proud of her in that moment, as we had all watched her practise her hiney off to get to that performance. I can’t wait for many more happy, yellow, sunshiney days with her in our crew.