sydney anifest was so long ago already...

hello everyone! it's lolly. i've been meaning to write about anifest for a while, and with another ambivalent clip going up on social media tonight, i thought it would be a good time to get around to that! (i also still have a post about amuse fes sitting in my drafts. it'll see the light of day. one day. heheh)

first of all, it was already a month and a half ago, which means that was the last time we performed.... i actually can't remember the last time we've gone this long without performing. we're really eager to get back to performing, but of course everyone's health and wellbeing comes first, so we don't want to rush into doing shows again straight away! everyone, please look after yourself, and when the time is appropriate for us to hold shows again, we will -- so please wait for us, okay?

i wanted to write about anifest because i wanted to write a bit about some of the feelings and events surrounding the weekend. i think it's been echoed by most of the members already, but there's a few anecdotes i want to share also!