* UPDATE FEBRUARY 2021: Once this shirt sells out, it's gone forever! *

The classic A-MUSE T-shirt! Show your support for A-MUSE with this super cute and colourful print!

A-MUSE 2019 T-shirt

  • Size S-2XL available.

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    Small Envelope: Up to 250g. Best for bromides, cheki, books OR a single T-shirt. 

    Standard Envelope: Up to 500g. For two T-shirts, or a T-shirt and a combination of other flat items such as bromides, cheki, etc.

    Standard Parcel: 500g and up. You can ship anything you like! Pricing becomes very economical after 1kg so ordering with friends is recommended.



    Small Envelope: Up to 250g. See above.

    Standard Parcel: 250g and up. See above.


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