Japanese idol culture is a lot of fun for both spectators and performers alike, and we're committed to making sure everyone involved can enjoy themselves! However, to ensure that everyone can partake in activities safely, we ask that you abide by the following guidelines;


A-MUSE Project is very excited to be able to hold live performances again, with the outstanding response to COVID-19 in Queensland. We're happy to hear that everyone has been looking after themselves in this unprecedented time!

However, to prevent any further spread of COVID-19 as restrictions lift, A-MUSE Project will be implementing a number of guidelines to ensure the general health and safety of our performers and attendees.

Please note that if these guidelines are not followed, you may be barred from entry at current and future A-MUSE Project events.


  • Tickets will be available for online purchase ONLY; no door sales.

  • Attendance at shows will be strictly capped as per social distancing requirements. To account for this reduced capacity, online ticket prices will be raised to $15. We would appreciate your understanding behind this decision.

  • Attendees cannot change their ticket assignment from seating or standing after making their purchase. (Please see below for guidelines according to your ticket type).

  • Seating accommodations will be made for groups of up to a MAX of 4 people. If you wish to be seated in a group, you must purchase your tickets in the same transaction.

  • When purchasing tickets, every person must provide their legal name, phone number and address. (This information will be disposed of after 28 days and will be kept only in case contact tracing is required.)

  • You can cancel your ticket at any time should you be unable to attend. 

  • Should a live sell out or hit attendance capacity, a livestream will be made available for the show; please check our social media as platform and pricing may vary.


  • Attendees must wear a mask worn properly (over the mouth and nose) upon entry to the venue. This must be worn at all times when inside the venue. This will be provided.

  • Attendees must use hand sanitiser when making merchandise sales or during chekikai. This will be provided.

  • Cheki ken (cheki tokens) will undergo a fresh print run prior to live shows for hygienic purposes.

  • We kindly ask that you maintain social distancing whilst inside the venue.

  • During chekikai, please refrain from touching the staff or members.

  • Please do not attend if you are feeling sick or unwell in any way.


  • Seating location will be assigned upon entry to the venue; we cannot accommodate requests to change the seating arrangement unless there are extraordinary circumstances.

  • If booked within a group, you can sit in any seat within the group.

  • Depending on demand, some seated tickets may be placed to the side of the stage.


  • Standing space is not assigned; as long as a standing ticket has been purchased, you may stand wherever you like in the Standing Area so long as a social distance is kept from other patrons.

  • Jumping, sliding, and other interactive movements are allowed so long as a social distance is kept from other patrons.

  • As emphasised above, please be especially mindful of social distancing in the standing area; if social distancing guidelines are broken we may be unable to offer standing room moving forward.

We understand that these restrictions may be troublesome for a portion of our audience, but we'd rather hold a show safely than hold no show at all! If everyone can maintain these guidelines and we can continue to limit the spread of COVID-19, the sooner the possibility of easing these guidelines will come.

Please note these guidelines are subject to change depending on the spread and movement of COVID-19 within Queensland. We will inform on our social media channels if these guidelines happen to change.


  • Ensure you have a valid ticket or intend to purchase a ticket when attending any performances hosted by A-MUSE Project. For other events not hosted by us, you may need to pay for entry -- please check these details before attending.

  • Interact with staff and performers in a kind and courteous manner. 

  • Be respectful of the venue and those around you.

  • Do not cause damage to or litter the event space.

  • Do not inflict physical harm on performers, staff or other attendees.

  • Be considerate of where you place your bags and personal belongings; avoid placing them on top of merchandise or in places that will inconvenience other attendees.

  • Do not move on to the stage unless prompted to do so.

  • Comply with any instructions given by performers or staff.

  • Do not loiter around the venue after doors have closed. Please go home in a safe and timely manner.

  • Do not bring your own alcohol into the venue. Our home venue sells a small selection of light alcohol; if you are unclear of food and drink selection at any of our events please ask. 

  • We encourage people to have fun, so jumping, moshing, crowdsurfing, etc IS allowed; however please do these activities safely. We are not responsible for injuries caused by these activities and may restrict them in the future if appropriate care is not taken.


  • Have a pose prepared prior to your cheki time.

  • Due to time constraints within the venue, please keep discussions during cheki short; there is plenty of time to converse with performers after cheki has been taken.

  • Inappropriate poses may be refused by performers or staff at their discretion.

  • Ask members before attempting any poses with hugging/holding hands/excessive contact. These poses are not permitted without member consent.

  • We will only sign cheki if you can pick it up at a future event or if it can be bundled with Patreon/online store rewards; if you live far away, please consider taking your cheki home unsigned.

  • Advise staff at the time of shooting whether you would like your cheki signed or if you would like to take it home on the day.


  • Please hand any gifts or letters to staff or place them in the designated area, if applicable.

  • Write your name on any letters or gifts written so we can identify you, as well as who it is intended for. 

  • In regards to food and drink, we will generally only accept SEALED/pre-purchased food and drink.

  • We may accept handmade or perishable food on a case-to-case basis; if you would like to do this, please contact us with what you intend on bringing and details on ingredients and preparation. Please note we may dispose of homemade food for health and safety reasons.

  • Refrain from giving cash and other questionable items such as weapons, chemicals, live objects, etc. 

  • If your gift or letter cannot be identified or is questionable in nature, it may be disposed of.


  • Do not contact members on private channels (Facebook, phone, locked social media accounts, etc.)

  • Do not ask members for sensitive information (age, workplace, education, etc.) -- members will disclose this information at their own discretion.

  • Do not threaten or stalk members; if evidence of this is found we may report you to authorities.

  • Treat members and staff with courtesy; failure to do so may result in ceasing of contact or removal from live performances and venues.

  • Contact our A-MUSE social media channels or the contact form on this website if you have any questions or queries.


  • Filming and photography is encouraged at any A-MUSE Project event unless otherwise specified. Please feel free to take as many photos and videos as you would like!

  • Whilst photography is okay, please consult us on any photos taken before posting to your own social media channels.

  • You may be asked to cease photographing/filming if the angle is deemed inappropriate.

  • Ensure that any photography or videography does not disrupt other performance attendees.

We reserve the right to revoke entry to A-MUSE events, the purchase of goods and participation in A-MUSE Project community channels such as the Patreon Discord server should you be unable to follow these guidelines. Additionally, extreme circumstances may require us to seek further action from law enforcement, so please take note.

Let's all be respectful of each other and have lots of fun!